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9 Must-Know Pokémon Card Market Trend!

9 Must-Know Pokemon Card Market Trend!
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Are you investing seriously into Pokémon cards?

But still unsure or lacking the confidence to decide what Pokémon Card game products to invest in?

Well, there are always fascinating facts and trends to uncover in the Pokémon card market, here are 9 helpful pieces of information to help you decide what to and not to invest in!

A BIG BOOM in Team Up Booster Boxes

In recent times Team Up Booster Boxes have seen a more than remarkable 96.2% increase in value in 2023.🤯

The Team Up booster box is known for the introduction of tag team Pokémon and beautiful artwork featuring fan favourites such as Gengar and Pikachu, which continues to rise in demand. 

If you are lucky enough to own this specific booster box, it is best not to sell it off now but to hold on to it as its value steadily rises.

Want to buy affordable Pokémon Trading Cards?

What is happening to Lugia V Alternate Art?!!

While the Team Up Booster Boxes have experienced a surge in value, Lugia V Alternate Art has gone in the complete opposite direction, experiencing a 62% drop in value in 2023.

This has been a recent trend for a LARGE number of Sword and Shield cards.


Well, this is due to the increased supply of Sword and Shield cards.

However, because of the enduring appeal of classic Pokémons, iconic Pokémons such as the famed Charizard and Rayquaza can maintain their high value.

Pikachu Grading Craze

Grading of course plays a vital role in the Pokémon card market, with the pre-order promo Pikachu for Scarlet and Violet topping the charts as THE most graded Pokémon card of 2023.

With Over 40,000 copies of this card alone being graded by PSA, Highlighting the widespread interest in obtaining graded cards for collection or investment purposes.

What does this mean?

This means the demand for PSA-graded cards has increased and that investing into getting PSA-graded cards would be more profitable than before.

However, this also means there will be a rise in people doing the same it would be smart to research what Pokémon cards are worth grading and holding on to.

Limited XY Ancient Origins Elite Trainer Box

Surprisingly, the XY Ancient Origins Elite Trainer Box has a higher price ($1,250) compared to the XY Ancient Origins Booster Box ($995) this phenomenon is due to its limited production, making it a highly sought-after collectible among Pokémon super fans and investors alike.

Easter egg hunt? Nah, Master Ball hunt

In the Japanese 151 Booster Boxes, there is only one Master Ball Holo per box among 150 possible options. With odds of 1 in 3,000 packs to pull a specific Master Ball.

Are these worth investing in?

Of course they are, because of how rare it is to get the Master Ball card and how desirable they are among collectors these Master Ball cards can maintain their premium value and could even rise as time passes.

Picture of 151 Booster Box Artwork 


The most expensive Pokémon card ever sold in the history of Pokémon TCG trading is the PSA 10 Pikachu illustrator, purchased by the famous YouTube star Logan Paul for over 5 MILLION! A testament to the growing investment potential in Pokémon cards.

A YouTube video by Logan Paul showing the process of purchasing the Pikachu illustrator card

Charizard Records sales

Everyone in the Pokémon TCG loves Charizard whether they are investors or just fans of Pokémon, Charizard is a Pokémon loved by all. 

With that being said many Charizard cards go for ridiculously high prices, proof of that would be the First Edition Charizard being priced at a whopping $420,000 in a PSA 10-grade, making it the most expensive Main Set Pokémon card.

So look out for those Charizard cards out there as they are highly coveted among collectors for their nostalgia and rarity.

Eevee Heros Shine✨

What is Eevee Heros  Shine?

Eevee Heroes Shine is the Japanese version of Evolving Skies and THE most expensive sealed Japanese set from Sword and Shield, known for its Umbreon VMAX card and other Eeveelutions cards.

The presence of Umbreon VMAX and its other Eeveelution cards are causing the price of the Evee Heroes Booster Boxes to go nuts and is definitely worth holding onto.

But why are these cards so expensive?

That is attributed to collectors flocking to Eevee Heros Shine for its unique Eveelution Artwork.

English version of the Umbreon VMAX

Pokémon Collecting Completionist OCD

With the release of Temporal Forces, this marks the 100th Pokémon Booster Box ever made! Imagine owning all 99 prior boxes, a dream collection for any Pokémon enthusiast, and a daunting task even for the most dedicated collectors.

Hence, holding onto Booster Box would prove profitable when these collectors are out seeking them even at high prices.

The world of Pokémon investing is filled with surprises and valuable insights, there is always something new to learn so stay updated and keep on your toes for the latest news about  Pokémon cards to up your Pokémon investing game.

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